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Computational Biology, Scientist

If interested and qualified, please include Requisition # 2016-120 in the subject line when emailing resume to:

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Position Summary

We are seeking a talented Software Engineer working in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology to tackle challenging bioinformatics and computational biology problems and work collaboratively with research groups to build the tools, algorithms, and pipelines required to support the development of new, transformative CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing therapies.


  • Develop and implement computational biology tools and programs to support all gene editing and research activities
  • Balance integration and extension of existing bioinformatics and next generation sequencing tools with the creation of new tools and algorithms as dictated by projects and problem contexts
  • Design and code web tools for data analysis and integration in close interaction with researchers and with a strong focus on the researchers’ needs
  • Produce high-quality code that is optimized for performance and scalability and adherence to coding best practices
  • Help identify test cases, resolve issues, and fix bugs
  • Give accurate time estimates based on verbal and written specifications

Minimum Qualifications

  • Advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D. or equivalent) in quantitative or basic science (computer science, computational biology / bioinformatics, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or applied science preferred)
  • Experience (3+ years) in creating, managing, analyzing genome scale data and / or tools as for example: microarray or next generation sequencing (NGS) including whole genome, exome, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, methylation sequencing (RRBS)
  • A solid grasp of R and/or Python is essential for success with other languages such as Java, C++, MATLAB also helpful
  • Ability to work independently and successfully in a matrix environment, prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously, integrate cross-functional issues and balance competing priorities effectively
  • Good writing skills including documentation skills to maintain software and support documentation

Preferred Qualifications

  • The ideal candidate will be a software engineer or computational biologist that can think from the point of view of a biologist while understanding computer science / software engineering at a deep level; very close interaction with molecular / cell biologists will be expected at every level from tool / algorithm design, curation / quality control, analysis, and code testing to ultimately delivering algorithms and tools (Bioinformatics Software Engineer) or insights and recommendations (Computational Biologist) to other researchers and decision makers
  • Wide understanding of both biology and computational biology
  • Experience working in fast paced team environments (industry and start-up experience is a plus)
  • Ability to understand and make decisions and recommendations about high level strategy as well as about the details of an analysis project or experiment
  • Extensive experience in bioinformatics, software engineering / testing / validation, data curation, large scale data and NGS analysis, statistics, or statistical model building, as evidenced by productive and successful programs and/or publications
  • Experience with Git, R Markdown / LaTeX
  • Cloud compute experience (AWS)
  • Strong leadership and management skills, excellent verbal and written communication
  • Familiarity with cell and molecular biology techniques, NGS, gene editing and/or CRISPR/Cas9 biology
  • A high degree of energy, accuracy and attention to detail, and a passion for creating transformative gene-based medicines to patients with serious diseases


  • Approachability – Is easy to talk to, builds rapport well, and makes extra effort to put others at ease.
  • Listening – Practices active, patient listening. Has the ability to restate and consider a differing view, even when not in agreement.
  • Problem Solving – The ability to understand a situation, task or problem by breaking it down into smaller pieces using a systematic approach and to identify patterns and connections between situations that are not obviously related.
  • Creativity/Innovation - creating a boundary-less environment that fosters curiosity and taking risks, openness to new approaches, diversity of new thought, blank page creativity and opportunistic thinking.
  • Perseverance – Pursues tasks with energy, drive and initiative, even in the face of adversity.
  • Results Oriented – Drives issues to closure and gets the job done.
  • Communication and Teamwork – The ability to effectively express ideas in written and oral context. The ability to work co-operatively with others; the genuine desire to be a part of a team and contribute to organizational and team goals.

If interested and qualified, please include Requisition # 2016-120 in the subject line when emailing resume to:

For more information on CRISPR Therapeutics, please click here.