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VP, Translational Sciences 

If interested and qualified, please include Requisition # 2017-102 in the subject line when emailing resume to:

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Position Summary

As a senior member of the R&D Leadership Team, this person will assist in the development of R&D strategy for the company from Preclinical Proof of Concept to early clinical evidence of safety and activity. The successful candidate will have direct line management responsibilities over the Preclinical Pharmacology, Preclinical and Clinical Assays functions, Non-Clinical Toxicology and Translational Sciences functions. Initially, this person will also be responsible for building and leading the Clinical Operations function. The successful candidate will partner with the Head of Research, the Research Disease Area Leaders, the Process Development and Manufacturing functions, Program Leadership and Management, Quality, Finance and Human Resources functions to build and lead a world-class Preclinical and Early Clinical development organization. The position will ensure seamless integration and effective overall development of novel gene-based medicines in a timely and financially efficient manner. The successful candidate will be integral to high level R&D and company strategy, and will be a leader in continuing to build the overall R&D structure and company culture.


The successful candidate will be a confident leader, with rigorous scientific intellect and standards, significant prior success in building and leading Preclinical and early Clinical Research organizations and developing novel medicines that progress through development, preferably to approval and commercialization. The successful candidate will also have a solid scientific understanding of gene editing technologies and cell-based therapies, human disease physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, early clinical development and regulatory sciences. This person will have a passion and sense of urgency for developing important new medicines for patients with devastating diseases.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establish and lead the overall Translational Scences group, including Preclinical Pharmacology, Preclinical and Clinical Assays, Toxicology, and Translational Medicine functions
  • Establish and oversee Clinical Operations
  • Together with R&D leadership, build the strategy for, and oversee the tactical implementation of, drug development programs from preclinical Proof of Concept to early Clinical evidence of safety and efficacy
  • Partner effectively with the Research, Process Development and Manufacturing, Project Leadership/Mgmt, Quality, Finance and Human Resources organizations to build seamless, efficient, risk mitigated and successful integrated drug development strategy, tactical plans, budgets, and financial management
  • Establish (together with the Head of Research) the overall organizational and operational structure to resource in vivo experimental activities in the Company, including an ongoing assessment of resource needs externally and/or internally
  • Provide oversight and guidance to all R&D activities in the Company and ongoing input to the Company Executive Leadership team

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 10 years of leadership experience in Preclinical and Early Clinical R&D in a therapeutic product development setting
  • Exceptional leadership qualities as evidenced by experience leading R&D teams and organizations in both small and large organizations
  • Experience establishing and leading Preclinical and early Clinical therapeutic development functions, within the fields of Pharmacology, Assays and Bioanalytics, Toxicology, Translational Medicine, Clinical Operations and/or Regulatory Sciences
  • Successful experience with product development for biologic, cell or gene therapy products that includes IND or CTA filings
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to translate complex topics into understandable concepts
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and demonstrated solutions orientation
  • A solid understanding of genome technologies and in vivo or cell-based therapies
  • MD, PhD or equivalent degree in a discipline of biology or Medicine

Preferred Qualifications

  • MD degree
  • Clinical training in medicine and/or hematology
  • More than 15 years of experience in Preclincal or early Clinical R&D
  • Successful product development leading to product approvals
  • Experience with cell and gene therapy or RNA therapies.
  • Widely recognized as a leader in the field


  • Building a Successful Team – Building an effective group that contributes to the larger success of the organization through setting clear expectations, providing context and building commitment.
  • Job Knowledge – Achieves and maintains technical and professional proficiency related to current job position and areas of expertise.
  • Leadership – The ability to take the role as a leader of a team or work group; the desire to lead others.
  • Passion - create an exciting environment where there is the passion of academia with the discipline of industry where there is true intellectual exchange and ideas are challenged effectively.
  • Strategic Thinking – The ability to develop strategies and goals that recognize business issues, opportunities, and environment.

If interested and qualified, please include Requisition # 2017-102 in the subject line when emailing resume to:

For more information on CRISPR Therapeutics, please click here.